Venkor has grown into a well-known, responsible, and effective logistics company.
Venkor manages international transport for import and export operations.
As we work together, you will realize that the import-export operations of your business will be lightened.
VENKOR’s success is based in the following principles:

Safety. – Operations are monitored and followed throughout the entire transit to ensure safety.  If you require it, you will be able to track your goods through our GPS system.  A special lock will be used when your goods are containerized.

On Time. - The on time departure and arrival of the cargo is crucial as is the coordination with the Customs Agency.  VENKOR staff understands this and makes sure that it is done.



Information. – We understand the importance of communication and transparency of information, and thus we keeps the customer informed through a daily mail report on the exact status of their goods in transit.


Responsibility. – As you work with VENKOR you will be free of worries regarding your cargo, you will know you have entrusted it to a company with responsible and committed staff, who will use every resource available in order to meet your requirements. Quotations and deadlines are maintained.


We would love to show our ability and capacity on action, please contact us. We guarantee that we will exceed all your expectations.

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